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DIY: Paint Brushes

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Have you ever wanted to paint but had no paint brushes? Maybe wanted to do an activity with the kids that’s fun and low cost. DIY paint Brushes are fun and easy. They are very cost effective too.

All you need is:

Paint (any kind)

• Clothespins

Cotton balls


A sponge

And anything you want to make a paint brush out of

You can use anything you want to make a paint brush. Here we used leaves, cotton balls, a balloon, a sponge and a paper towel. You want to grab different things so you can have different textures as you are painting,  just like with paint brushes.

After you grab all your supplies then you simply put the things that you choose as paint brushes in the clothespins. Make sure they are tightly in there. You don’t want them to fall out when you are painting.

blog one 2







You might want to try each one out on a piece of paper before you start painting with them. Just like we did here. So you can look at all the different textures you created.








Last but not least you are all set to paint.

Make sure you have fun with it. Painting is a great stress reliever and anyone can do you it. YOU ARE AN ARTIST!

DSC_0810 copy