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A look back at Beverly, MA

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Courtesy of www.beverlyma.gov

Beverly MA, is a small town in the north shore of Massachusetts. Did you know that it was originally a part of Salem and the Naumkeag Territory? It is pretty cool to look back at Beverly Ma and see the rich history of what the city once was. Beverly has also been called the “birthplace of the American Industrial Revolution”. Beverly  was the site of the first cotton mill in America in 1787. Another milestone that Beverly had was with the United Shoe Machinery Corporation. It was a major employer in Beverly, Massachusetts. The locals once called it “The Shoe,”. It began manufacturing in 1902 and at that time it was the largest factory in the world.

Porter Mill is a very historical part of downtown Beverly as well. Porter mill once was home to  the American Industrial Revolution. It has history with Superior Hat Company, Porter Sewing Machine Corporation and Red Brick Arts Center, and not to mention  the Shoe

Porter Mill Studios

Courtesy of www.boston.com

companies either.  Since then, Beverly has boomed into an art district. With Porter mill housing over 45 artists that vary from art studios, to photographers. With Wicked Art Bar having 2 of those 45 studios.  Now Beverly even has there own website for art, www.beverlyartsdistrict.org. Beverly Art District is a great website where people can go and find different events that are happening in the city of beverly to finding different artists. I would go check them out today, you might even see Wicked Art Bar on there!